We’re on a mission at the Greensboro Children’s Museum to engage all children and families in fun and inspiring, play-based learning – all from the comfort of their homes. Start exploring at home as you and your children can enjoy free educational resources and activities from GCM Educators and community partners.

Together, we’ll celebrate learning through exploration of science, art, nature, music and so much more. Below you’ll find resources to bring the joy of meaningful play into your home. You can also find additional resources on our Facebook page.

While we all work to maintain our social distance, GCM is here to ensure there is no distance between their children and fun education. Check back often for new ways to connect play and learning. Share your own adventures in education by tagging @gcmuseum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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your outdoor classroom: what are the parts of a plant?

Head outside and pick flowers! Spend some time identifying the various parts of a plant for a quick outdoor lesson.

a,b,c sing with me

Did you know that making music with your little one helps build their language skills? Research shows that music helps children decode sounds, words, and speech patterns, and it also…

featured recipe: zucchini bread

Summer squash is not a vegetable that any one in my family particularly enjoys. But as home gardeners, squash is so rewarding – the huge plants with giant leaves, the…

work together to recycle crayons

Crayon recycling is a fun project for ages 4 and older to help reuse all the mixed crayon nubs you might have laying around.

your outdoor classroom: i spy native flowers

Use this checklist to see how many flowers you can find in bloom on your next family hike.

featured recipe: grilled vegetable kabobs

Kababs are a great kid-friendly meal because little ones can be part of making it! With this grilled vegetable kabab, you can get the kids involved by letting them assemble the veggies on a stick.

urban foraging: little plants for little hands

With careful identification, foraging for edible plants is a fun and yummy way to spark an interest in nature.

4 ways to sharpen your preschooler’s math skills

Adding math to your preschooler’s already busy schedule doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Here are ideas to incorporate math into your daily routine.

backyard bingo

Explore the wonders of nature in your own backyard! Uncover five items in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) to win this game of BINGO.

featured recipe: spring muffins

Muffins are a quick and simple snack for any time of the day. Engage kids in the kitchen with this spring muffin recipe, adapted from Mel’s Kitchen, as they whisk ingredients and help fill the blender.