Have someone in your family that needs to avoid the noise and crowds of a typical Museum visit?

Join us for a special morning playtime from 11a-1p, when the Museum is designed for individuals on the Autism spectrum or with learning, sensory, and communication differences.

The Museum will be adapted for a less stimulating environment, offer quiet spaces, a hands-on activity, and local educational resources.

Things to Know

  • Sensory Sundays have limited admission to protect the sensory friendly environment
  • The Museum will have lowered lighting and sounds
  • Siblings and family members are welcome
  • Fidgets, noise canceling headphones, and sunglasses will be available upon request
  • Tickets for Sensory Sundays are pre-sold online

Our next Sensory Sunday is June 2, 2024!

*Refunds: Sensory Sunday pre-sell admission is fully refundable up to 7 days prior to the scheduled
playtime. Cancellations made within the 7-day time frame will result in a refund of 50% of
the original admission cost.


Preparing for Your Visit

Read our social story to prepare your child for a Museum visit during Sensory Sundays!

Download and print our visual schedule to decide which parts of the Museum your child and family want to see.

Quiet Spaces

If your child needs a quiet spot, visit these areas:
• Nannie’s Outdoor Patio
• Quiet Room (adjacent to the front lobby)
• The Edible Schoolyard
• Bench in admissions area behind art wall
• Please ask staff if these spaces do not work for you and your family. We have several spaces, behind the scenes, that we can offer to you upon request.