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Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum summer camps are hands-on, educational, creative, exciting, and FUN! Each week, our educators craft creative experiences for campers ages 4 – 10 years. MBCM camps are three days to week-long day camps, and range in theme from exploring cooking techniques to designing clothing! Your camper can discover food, science, nature, art, music, and more.

Information for Camp Parents

Age 4-6 Camps

Nature Makers

Learn about natural materials as we forage the garden for inspiration. We will learn about plant parts and then use them to create works of art, garden snacks, and more! Families are invited to join us on Friday as we showcase our nature inspired creations.

Book & Cook

From “Dim Sum for Everyone” to “What Can You Do with a Paleta?”, there are so many amazing children’s books about food! Using stories as inspiration, campers will use fresh ingredients to create kid-friendly cuisine they will love preparing and eating.

Mythical Creatures

This week, we’ll concoct fairy dust, magic potions and learn how to find the unfindable, fantastical creatures from lore. On Friday, campers are welcome to dress up as their favorite creature for a mystical mashup of elves, dragons, and more!

Little Farmers in the City

Experience the life of a city farmer for the week! Each day, we will explore the garden, taking care of the plants and animals. We will also visit the farmer’s market and host our very own market on the last day of camp.

Bugs, Bees, & Butterflies

Discover the magic of the flying and crawling little friends that help our garden grow. Learn to plant pollinator friendly plants, use honey from bees to prepare delicious snacks, and identify garden critters.

Age 6-8 Camps

Project Fun-way

Calling all future fashion designers! Learn about our local fashion roots in Greensboro, as well as international influences as we design our own outfits and master tricks of the trade. Join us on our final day for our creator showcase!

Farmers in Training

Calling all aspiring farmers! Learn how to plant, harvest, make value added products, and design your own logo to market your farm. We will also spend time in the kitchen classroom learning to cook fresh grown produce for sampling on the final farmer’s market day!

Garden Guardians

The garden is a battlefield full of insect heroes and villains! Learn about the awful aphids and the ways that you can defeat them using spyglasses, traps, and a little plant-based chemistry. We’ll also seek out allies in the brave beneficials who protect our crops and craft a hero costume which reflects these amazing adaptations.

Crash Test Smarties

Have you got what it takes to make an indestructible egg container? A book shelf out of mere straw, paper, and tape? Then this is the camp for you! Join us as we test the boundaries of physics itself and improvise inventions using finite tools. On Friday, we’ll invite families to visit the Hall of Wonders to see our engineering feats.

Farm Chefs

Plant, cook, and eat like a farmer in The Edible Schoolyard! We’ll learn to prepare simple snacks from the garden and take a deep dive into food preservation techniques like drying, pickling, and freezing to enjoy the summer harvest longer. Families are invited to celebrate on Friday with a garden gathering hosted by campers!

Age 8-10 Camps


Animation camp – Create art in motion as we explore different animation techniques, both digitally on tablets, and traditionally with paper and pencil.